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Unless you’ve spent the last decade sleeping under a rock, you’re probably aware of how many consumers are using the internet to research products and services before they decide which ones to purchase.  That explains why so many companies, perhaps even yours, has a website.

Whether you’re an auto dealership selling cars or a transmission shop offering services, it’s important to offer consumers a clear path to purchase.  You want to make it easy for consumers to see and read about products and services first, then connect to you to make that purchase.  That entire experience is the concept behind a “landing page.”  The strategy is to connect the consumer’s interest to conversion of an actual purchase.  This will allow you to serve your customers more efficiently and lock them into coming into the store to retrieve the desired product or service.  With digital marketing support from CFS, we’ll take offering auto repair financing one step further.

CFS Marketing has a full suite of digital marketing solutions that make offering auto repair financing to your customers a breeze.  Of course, you want to make sure you have tools like web banners, web sliders and navigation links to help your site visitors make that connection to a CFS auto repair financing solution.  That’s where CFS Marketing steps in to create a special landing page just for your shop.

Why would you want to have CFS create a custom landing page for you?  Even if you have your own web development team that is at the ready to create a landing page for you, you’ll want to use CFS’ landing page for a number of reasons.

Why Does Your Shop Have to Use the CFS Landing Page?

  • Applying for a Loan: Ultimately, we want the consumer to apply for a loan, which is the next closest step to getting them in your shop.  The CFS landing page directly connects the user to the application process.
  • Designating Your Shop: When the consumer applies for a CFS loan through your landing page, your shop is designated as the approved location to utilize that loan.  This automated tracking saves a step for the consumer and allows your shop to be credited with the app submission.
  • Automated Program Updates: Any time that CFS makes a change to the loan program, your CFS-created landing page will have all the correct information.  There’s no edits on your end once you iFrame the landing page.
  • iFrame It & Keep Your Traffic: While CFS creates the landing page, you actually don’t send traffic to another website – the consumer will interact with the CFS-created landing page on your website.  It’s a simple web technology called an “iFrame” and we’ll work with your web team to bring it to life.
  • Simplicity: CFS Marketing has a team of experts at landing page conversion.  We know what works and, in less than 10 minutes, your shop will get connected to a solution that we’ve dialed in.  No fuss on your end.
  • Compliance: Consumer loans are serious business, especially for the federal government’s CFPB, which monitors for fair lending practices.  Our landing pages are compliant and protect you from making statements that place you at risk for breaking consumer lending laws.

So there you have it – landing pages that work and without the hassle.  That’s what CFS Marketing is here to help you with.  In fact, you don’t even need a website in order to have a landing page.  If you do a lot of email marketing or pay-per-click marketing, you could use your custom CFS-created landing page as the link so that customers can apply for an auto repair loan that they’ll then use to fund repairs at your shop.  Don’t delay – let’s get started!

If any of  the marketing solutions presented here are of any interest to you and your shop, please get in touch with CFS Marketing.  Some of the solutions are ready to go, while others may require working with you to implement.  We’re here to make you successful and to connect your customers to the financing they need.  We’re happy you’re here.  Let’s get started!

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This is what a landing page looks like, though it will be customized with your shop name and links to your CAPS dashboard on the back end.
This is what a landing page looks like, though it will be customized with your shop name and links to your CAPS dashboard on the back end.
The anatomy of the CFS landing page custom built for your shop.
The anatomy of the CFS landing page custom built for your shop.

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