POS Posters

POS Posters

At CFS Marketing, we get a lot of requests for vinyl banners.  Banners are great way to make a big splash and ensure that your customers know that you offer an auto repair finance program.  The downside is that they are expensive to produce, costly to ship and every location has different size needs, depending on the area that the banner is to be hung.  We’ve come up with a solution that actually does provide a number of advantages – durable posters.

These 24″ x 36″ full color posters are constructed of 10pt card stock.  In short, they are really thick and glossy!  They really do dress up your waiting area and can be placed in a wide range of public areas – behind the counter, on the counter, affixed to the window, and even resting on the counter.  The posters are big, bright and really appeal to the core needs of the customer.  And, because they are more affordable in comparison to vinyl banners, we can get you as many as you need.  We’ll get them to you – all that we ask is that you hang them up.

If your shop needs to get a hold of this and any other marketing materials, please get in touch with CFS Marketing.  Some of our solutions are ready to go, while others may require working with you to implement.  We’re here to make you successful and to connect your customers to the financing they need.  We’re happy you’re here.  Let’s get started!

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