Marketing Support

Marketing Support

When it comes to marketing, there are about a million different ways to tell the market about your products and services.  Especially in this digital age of internet marketing, it can be a little intimidating.  The good news is that CFS Marketing is here to help you position our Auto Repair Finance Program.  So let’s go tell the market together utilizing strategies that we know work – from social media to pay-per-click, affiliate marketing to direct mail.

An additional layer of expertise CFS Marketing can offer relates to consumer lending laws.  You should know that CFS’ Auto Repair Finance Program is subject to all the fair lending laws that the federal government imposes, and monitors through the Consumer Financial Protection Board (CFPB).  As such, CFS subscribes to the highest level of transparency when discussing its lending practices and guidelines.  All of our marketing language, from brochures to website content, has been scrutinized by our Legal & Compliance Department to ensure that it is in line with truth-in-lending statutes.  We share this with our partner shops to advise them to seek our assistance with any additional marketing efforts they would like to embark on.  While we encourage our partner shops to market CFS and the availability of auto repair financing, CFS does not allow use of its name, logo brand or program specifics without first reviewing the material and conducting a through review for compliance.  This is for your peace of mind as well as ours.  We’re here to help and encourage you to bring us into the loop early on in the process.

If your shop would like our help with marketing or to undergo a compliance audit on your marketing plans, please get in touch with CFS Marketing.  Some of our solutions are ready to go, while others may require working with you to implement.  We’re here to make you successful and to connect your customers to the financing they need.  We’re happy you’re here.  Let’s get started!

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