POS Counter Marketing

Let your customers know that you offer CFS with this desktop display.  Interested consumers can tear away a sheet that provides them with all the program specifics, making it easy for your team to help customers.


POS Posters

Make a bigger-than-life statement about helping customers pay for their necessary repairs before they get to the counter.  This 24″ x 36″ poster is made of a durable card stock and can be place on walls, taped to windows or pinned to your counter.


POS Stickers

UV-protected color 4″x6″ stickers made of durable vinyl for all-weather placement on walls, window, door entrances, the backs of LCD screens or anywhere you want to remind your customers that you offer auto repair financing.


CFS Logo

Download the CFS logo for use with any approved marketing purpose.  Logos are available for just about any purpose – web or print.  If you don’t see what you need, just let CFS marketing help you with the proper branding for your  purpose.


Program Logo

Download the Auto Repair Finance Program logo for use with any approved marketing purpose.  Logos are available for just about any purpose – web or print.  If you don’t see what you need, just let CFS marketing help.


Web Banners & Sliders

Let’s make it easy to brand your website with the availability of CFS’ Auto Repair Finance Program.  Web banners are graphics that link to any associate landing page.  A web slider is a larger banner that typically appears on a home page.


Landing Pages

Get customers to apply for a CFS loan prior to coming into the service center by giving them access to the loan app directly from your website.  Let us create your own branded landing page and links to your shop info.


Web Integration

While we can’t do any development on your website without access to your server, the CFS marketing team will work with your webmaster or web developer to guide them through all the elements to getting CFS on your site and its navigation bar.


eMail Campaigns

If you have a customer database with emails, CFS marketing can help you reach those individuals with an impactful marketing campaign.  With compliant content and a minimum number of email addresses, we’re ready to help.


Video Solutions

If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then video is a chorus of voices singing your success.   Whether you have video boards in your waiting room or want video on your website, CFS marketing can put together the right solution.


Marketing Support

Sometimes, creativity takes a different shape than one we’ve already created.  CFS marketing is here to help you launch your successful campaign ideas – from proofing for compliant language to pulling together all the imagery – you can count on us.


Contact CFS Marketing:

If any of  the marketing solutions presented here are of any interest to you and your shop, please get in touch with CFS Marketing.  Some of the solutions are ready to go, while others may require working with you to implement.  We’re here to make you successful and to connect your customers to the financing they need.  We’re happy you’re here.  Let’s get started!

phone: 720.457.5815

CFS Graphics Standards

CFS logos are available for download above.  These graphic standards are to be used in creating additional marketing materials that may require matching colors and fonts.  These standards are important to our brand and keeping it consistent to the market – which ultimately benefits service centers like yours.  A couple of obvious items to take note of.

Initials Only:  You do not have to include the “Confident Financial Solutions” text when using the “CFS” initials.  Simply remove the grey/white bar so that the CFS stands alone.  However, it is not permissible to use the stacked “Confident Financial Solutions” text without the “CFS” initials.  In text, the CFS does not have to include the “light blue curl.”  However, when used as a graphic and in the type style, the “light blue curl” must be present.

Proportion & Orientation:  One size does not fit all, so feel free to scale up or down.  However, you must scale proportionately – do not skew so that the type is short/fat or tall/thin.  You are also not permitted to detach elements and rearrange.  Only in the case where the bar and the “Confident Financial Solutions” is removed are you permitted to detach and remove elements.

We love to hear from you and learn more about how we can help.

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