CFS Platinum Partners Freedom Dodge

In late October 2015, the service center at Freedom Dodge was CFS’ first dealership partner to enter into an elite club – $500,000 in CFS loans since they started using CFS.  On December 3, 2015, Greg Duncan, leader of CFS’ regional sales team, was on hand to present Platinum Partner Awards to Tim Brooks, service advisor, and Dave DeRudder, service director.

The team at Freedom Dodge has done an outstanding job of helping their customers connect with CFS to fund necessary repairs.  Many of these customers would have faced difficulties had they not had access to the Auto Repair Finance Program from CFS.  In the spirit of customer service and plain good business sense, Dave and his team have made offering CFS a part of their daily routine.  This has not gone without appreciation from a number of their customers.

“I just want to take time and express how much I appreciate the service Mr. Brooks provided me last week,” wrote customer Rochelle Nkumba back in November 2015 shortly after her experience with CFS and Freedom Dodge.   “I brought my Jeep in for a recall and knew in my heart I had work needed to be completed on my Jeep.  When he called me to advise my drive shaft is going out, he provided me with the option of applying with CFS.  In a matter of minutes I applied and was approved.  Not only was I able to fix the drive shaft,  I repaired other issues on my Jeep I had been wanting to fix.  Also, when I had the recall, drive shaft and other items repaired the work was completed by promised time. I just wanted to express my appreciation for Tim’s professionalism. I will be back to the Freedom Dodge Service Department.”


With customer testimonials like that, it’s no wonder service centers like the one at Freedom Dodge are turning to CFS to fund auto repairs.  It’s a partnership that fuels satisfaction at all levels – the dealership, its staff, the customer and CFS.  The award presentation and accompanying lunch were the least CFS could do to show how appreciative we are in a partnership with a quality dealer who places a high value on customer satisfaction.

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