An Undercover Service Department Story

They say “character” is who you are when no one is looking. In the modern day of consumer awareness, everyone is looking. Dan Beres, CFS’ VP of Corporate Development takes you behind the scenes of what the public takes notice of.

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Differentiation in the Modern Age of Marketing

Climb out of the price hole and give consumers a real reason to choose you over your competition. Sean Reyes, CFS’ VP of Marketing, on how to define your organization before the market defines you.

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The Customer Experience Begins with Empowered Employees

Getting the competitive edge on customer retention might be sitting right across from you. Tony Orlando, CFS’ VP of Partner Development, on leading with your greatest asset – your employees.

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Freedom Dodge Leads the Way

Take a look at Freedom Dodge, which just reached a major CFS milestone – $500,000 in auto repair financing! Not only are they crushing their revenue projections, they’ve made customers #1!

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On-Air in Automotive Media

CBT News: June 23, 2015

Tim Clay, CFS’ Chief Revenue Officer, sits down with Jeff Cowan from CBT News to review the Auto Repair Finance Program from CFS.  Editorial Note: CFS offers 0% APR for the first 60 days if the loan is fully paid off in that period and there are no late payments (not 90 days, as the program has changed since this airing).

Service Drive Today: June 30, 2015

Dan Beres, CFS’ VP of Corporate Development, sits down with Corinne Lillis of Service Drive Today to review why it is important for the service center to offer repair loan options to customers.  In this short interview, Dan shares the benefits for both the consumer and the repair center.  It’s a win-win for all parties.

Service Drive Today: July 17, 2015

Tony Orlando, CFS’ VP of Partner Development, sits down with Corinne Lillis of Service Drive Today to discuss the future  of the SAAR.  While the automotive industry had a strong showing in 2015, Corinne asks Tony about what the future holds and why CFS is well positioned to meet the needs of the market.

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