Before Your Service Center Signs Up for CFS

Question: Can we just try CFS without committing long term?

CFS does not require a long-term commitment.  You can try our program for 30 days.  If you don’t like it, you can cancel.

Question: Can we do a one-time deal without signing up for the program?

Yes.  It’s a great way for us to spread the word about the product and, in many cases, on-board a new service center as a partner.  If a customer is approved for a CFS loan and decides to go to a service center that is not currently in a contract commitment with us, we will charge the standard 4.5% fee, get the service center funded with a wire or ACH deposit, and then talk about establishing a formal partnership with us moving forward.

Pre-Launch & Training

Question: How long does it take to get on-boarded and trained?  And can you train on a Saturday?

It takes less than 20 minutes to train each service advisor.  In about the same amount of time, we can also train two service advisors at once.  As for Saturday training – we try to give our Partner Development Managers (PDM) the weekend off, but if Saturday is the only time that a service center can launch, then we will train on a Saturday.

Question: What is involved with the CFS training?

We’ll introduce CFS’ Auto Repair Financing Program features and procedures to the service center staff.

Our Objectives:
1.    To explain how the process works so service center staff knows how your customer applies, how the loan originates, and how the service center and service advisor gets paid.
2.    To highlight and discuss the CFS program with your service center staff.  We want your team to understand how we can help you grow the success of your service center and help customers.  Most importantly, how promoting CFS can drive service center business.  We take you through the demo that’s in our online dashboard – we call it CAPS.  In CAPS training, we review a short presentation that usually takes 15 minutes per advisor – either 1 on 1 or two advisors at a time.  Big stores with 10 advisors could take a couple hours. Small service centers should take 30 minutes.

We do not view training as a one-time process.  Training is about development and we’re committed to ongoing development for the service center team.  On all of our visits, CFS actively trains service advisors and anyone who has contact with the customer.

Launch & Your First Loan

Question: Can a service center representative fill out the CFS loan application for a customer?

No.  Neither a service center nor CFS representative may complete the loan application for a customer.  It’s very important that the customer completes their own application for a number of reasons.  To begin, it’s important that a customer is fully aware of what they’re applying for.  This process is about the consumer applying for an auto repair finance loan.  Neither the service center now CFS wants the consumer to be confused about what they are applying for nor make accusations that they were misled into applying for a loan.  In addition to adhering to consumer finance lending laws, CFS also wants to make sure that consumer makes their loan payments.  To ensure the authenticity, CFS has also implemented Precise ID, which asks the customer personal questions that only the customer can answer.  As a result, the service advisor may not submit an application on behalf of a customer.

Question: What if the customer doesn’t have access to a computer?

Customers can complete the loan application on their any device with internet access, or ask the service advisor to let them use their computer terminal to fill out the loan application.  The customer needs a valid email address because all documents are signed electronically and emailed to the customer for their records.

Question: Does CFS have a POS iPad that the service center can use?

No, but the service center can purchase one for customer use.  There is no special hardware requirement in order to apply – any smart phone will suffice.

Question: What if the customer has some, but not all of the cash?

If the customer is approved, it is for the maximum amount that CFS will lend them.  They may choose to use as much or as little of that as possible, up to the maximum.  If their repair is $2,000 and they were approved for the entire amount, they can use as little as $350 (our minimum loan amount) or as much as $2,000 and then pay the balance out of pocket.

Question: What sets CFS apart from other financing programs, especially a credit card?

The decisioning process used to determine whether to grant or deny a loan is called “underwriting.” CFS subscribes to a different set of underwriting guidelines than all other forms of credit, including a credit card. In fact, these underwriting guideline are our own, developed right here within the walls of CFS.

Another key advantage CFS has when compared to most other forms of financing is that our loans are “simple interest” rather than “compound interest.” Credit cards are all compounding interest. Credit cards are a line of credit, which is different from an unsecured, short-term loan. With CFS, the consumer has the ability to pay off the loan in a specified time frame.

Question: What is ConfidentCare and how should it be explained to customers?

ConfidentCare is an optional program that provides a customer loan forgiveness on the remaining balance of their CFS loan in the case of a total vehicle loss (a direct and accidental loss of or damage of your covered vehicle, which your primary carrier declares as a total loss).

ConfidentCare can only be purchased at the time of document signing.  Before signing loan documents, the customer can opt to have ConfidentCare added to their loan. The monthly payment amount would reflect the ConfidentCare amount amortized into monthly payments matching the terms you selected (minimum of 24 month term required).  The customer can cancel ConfidentCare at any time. If cancelled, the customer’s CFS account will be reimbursed for the prorated amount of the product that has gone unused. ConfidentCare can only be purchased at the time of document signing and can be cancelled at any time.

Full program details are available to customers online during the application process, and only for those customers in states where it is available.  Program availability and restrictions apply.  To see if ConfidentCare is available in your state, please click here.

Question: Will CFS fund an auto repair loan for an unemployed customer?

Yes, an unemployed customer can still get approved based on their credit score,  credit history, and some form of income.

Question: Will CFS pay for tow services, even if they are necessary to get the vehicle into the service center for necessary repairs?

CFS finances necessary auto repairs and your insurance deductible.  CFS will not cover tow services, or other expenses like rental cars, locksmith services, etc.

Question: How can I find a list of repairs CFS would approve?

Simply stated, if the repairs necessary are for operation of the vehicle or preventative maintenance, CFS will approve the repair loans.

Question: What information about the customer and/or repairs does the service center need to provide CFS?

CFS no longer requires a fax or copy of customer identification.  CFS will verify the customer’s identification during the loan application process, using Experian’s Precise ID tool.  CFS does still need a RO, but it no longer needs to be signed.  The RO is best uploaded directly into our dashboard. But, alternately the RO can be emailed to or faxed to 720-468-4141.

Question: How long does it take for CFS to verify the RO once the work has been done?

In order to fund the loan, CFS needs the final RO to verify that the work has been done, rather than the preliminary invoice.  The customer MUST review the RO.  The RO is best uploaded directly into our dashboard. But, alternatively, the RO can be emailed to or faxed to 720-468-4141.

Question: When is the service center permitted to release the vehicle?

The service center can release the vehicle once the customer loan documents have been signed and the documents are recorded in CAPS.  Prior to the release of the vehicle, the customer has completed the loan application process, the service center has uploaded the RO and completed the repair checklist, the customer has authorized that RO, and selected their loan terms.

Question: How does the service center know if a customer has signed their CFS loan docs?

The service center will receive an email confirming that the customer has signed the loan documents.  You can also log into CAPS and view the status, which will also reflect that the customer has signed. If either of those options leave you with questions, the service center can call CFS Customer Care at 855-808-5861 and we will gladly answer all your questions.

Question: How does CFS fund the loans?  Is a wire transfer or ACH the only way?

Wire and ACH are the funding methods used by CFS. Wires are only permitted as an option for a first time funding.  ACH is the funding method for CFS partners. Funds are typically credited after 24 to 72 hours, dependent upon business days.

Question: How long does it take to get funded once approved?

CFS will fund the loan after all repairs are complete.  Assuming the repair is instantaneous, and before noon MST, CFS can initiate the ACH the same day.  Funds will typically be credited to the service center account 24-72 business hours later.

Fees & Incentives

Question: Is there a monthly fee to participate in the CFS program?

It depends, as there are multiple fee structures to best match the needs of your service center.  You’ll be able to select your fee structure when you are on-boarded.  We offer a multitude of options designed to specifically fit the needs of your service center.

Question: What if we don’t want to offer the CFS program any longer.  Are there termination fees?

You can cancel at any time without termination fees.  Obviously, it’s in our mutual best interest to work out any issues that may improve the partnership.  CFS invests considerable resources to train and on-board partners, so we will try to improve your experience and assess the issues in order to find a resolution.  Our partner development manager (PDM) will reach out for specific feedback as to how we can help rectify the matter.

Question: Can we negotiate a better fee structure if we do a lot a business with CFS?

No.  The programs at CFS are tailored to meet a wide variety of service center needs.  In order to offer exceptional support and provide a better experience to service centers and consumers, CFS must maintain its current fee structure.  CFS also reserves the right to change its fee structure at its sole discretion based on market responses, competitive pressures, loan profitability, escalating on-boarding costs, etc.

Question: How do the monthly fees get charged?

CFS withholds the percentage fee from every repair.  If there’s a monthly minimum that applies, the service center will be charged the balance at the end of the month, which will be reflected on the following month’s billing statement.

Question: Can the service center tack on other “CFS fees” after the loan was funded?

No.  CFS has a zero-tolerance policy.  CFS complies with all federal and state financial regulations which require us to disclose all fees to the customer during the loan process.  Partner service centers that add additional fees related to the use of CFS would constitute grounds for immediate disqualification from the CFS program and contract termination.

Question: What if the customer asks for a refund?

Sometimes a customer signs their loan documents and then decides to pay out of pocket prior to picking up their vehicle. In that case, the service center sends a receipt to CFS indicating that the customer paid out of pocket. With that receipt, CFS voids out the loan documents.

Question: How does the new bonus program for service advisors work?

Some states do not allow for service advisors to participate in the CFS bonus program.  For clarification, please speak to your Partner Development Manager (PDM).  For those states where the program is permissable, the incentive program offers an attainable bonus opportunity for all service advisors who are actively recommending CFS to their customers. Earlier incentive programs only paid out to the top tier of service advisors. With the current program, all service advisors and one service manager per service center will be eligible to earn a bonus.

Please see Bonus Program outlined below:


Question: When does CFS send out bonus checks?

At month end, CFS makes sure all the paper work is in order for all service advisors. We’ll also make sure that we have an accurate mailing address. The checks are usually cut on the second week of the following month.

Marketing & Ongoing Support

Question: Is there someone I can call at CFS who picks up the phone and is dedicated to supporting our service center?

Yes.  You can call CFS Customer Care at 855-808-5861.

Question: Do we get an account rep for all inquiries/questions?

Every service center has a dedicated partner development manager (PDM).  Ideally, the PDM is local and is available for in-store visits at least once a month.  Some of our partner service centers have remote account managers that will travel to a region as needed.

Question: We have new employees – can CFS come back for additional training?

CFS will provide as many remote-training sessions as needed.  CFS can arrange a remote training if there is no local rep.  Please feel free to schedule with your partner development manager (PDM).

Question: Are service centers permitted to do their own marketing and brand it with a custom name and logo?

While we thank you for promoting the availability of CFS and its Auto Repair Finance Program, we maintain strict guidelines regarding co-op marketing.  Through our data collection efforts, CFS marketing has determined that our best investment is with “in store” marketing and database marketing.  We would be happy to evaluate any opportunities that include reaching out to your customers and existing customers at the moment when we are most likely to convert a loan submission – when their vehicle is in your shop or as a result of a pre-existing relationship with your shop.

In addition, auto repair loans are also under the watchful eye of federal and state finance rules and regulations.  As such, there needs to be clear delineation to the customer as to who is issuing and servicing the loan.  CFS does not allow the Auto Repair Financing Program to be rebranded without also clearly indicating on all marketing that the loan is financed by CFS.  We wish you all the luck with your marketing efforts.

Question: Can CFS print materials with the service center logo?

While CFS is not financially responsible for co-op marketing, we encourage co-branded material as long as it clearly indicates that loans are financed by CFS.  In order to remain compliant under applicable federal and state laws, the consumer needs to have all disclosures clearly visible where any loan elements are discussed.  The CFS marketing department is available to assist with any compliance evaluations prior to a service center embarking on its own marketing effort.

One area that makes it easy for a service center to integrate CFS into its marketing is on its website.  CFS Marketing can create a co-branded landing page allows the loan application to be embedded on our partner service center’s website.  CFS offers a complementary web marketing package – it’s free!  We have custom partnership landing pages, web banners, and web sliders available.   You can see more about CFS Marketing tools by clicking here.

Question: Does CFS have additional POS marketing besides the stands?

Of course.  To start, we offer desktop POS kiosks, poster and stickers.  We’re always adding more to our arsenal and open to new ideas.   You can see more about CFS Marketing tools by clicking here.

Question: Would CFS contribute to the cost of additional marketing, printing or promotions?

CFS Marketing would be happy to evaluate any opportunities that include reaching out to prospective customers and existing customers when we are most likely to convert a loan submission.  Because our financing solution is based on internet technologies, most of those opportunities revolve around email marketing to your customer base.  As standard practice, we recommend that your marketing efforts remain self-funded, while remaining subject to our approval.

Question: Does CFS offer program information in Spanish?

CFS has multiple Spanish-speaking customer care representatives that can be reached at 855-808-5861 (CFS Customer Care).  While we have plans to offer a Spanish language website in the future, we do not have one at this time.

Miscellaneous Questions

Question: We are changing the name of our business – now what?

The service center should contact its Partner Development Manager (PDM) or our customer care team if any changes are made to the business. CFS will update the system to reflect any important changes (name change, email address, employee turnover etc).

Question: We are selling our business – now what?

CFS would appreciate the contact information of the new service center owners as well as a recommendation for us to continue doing business with them.

Question: We own other service centers and want to add CFS to them – now what?

While these new service centers might be under the same ownership, CFS will want to create new accounts to accurately the shop name and location.  We do not want the customer to be confused about where loan funds are being applied.  Speak with your Partner Development Manager (PDM) and we’ll get you in touch with the right people to set up the accounts.

We love to hear from you and learn more about how we can help.

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