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Why CFS is Such a Great Door Opener for Resellers


In general, as a reseller, you face quite a challenge when visiting service centers, as you are probably not the only reseller vying for their business and the owner/manager can be a little fed up once you get to their door.

While most resellers offer a varied repertoire of products and services, they tend to be very similar and the service center has most likely already been pitched the same, or a similar product or service.

What if you could add something new to your tool kit? If, you could offer something fresh and different that impacts the service center’s revenue stream immediately, and so cracks open the welcome door at service centers just that bit wider?

At Confident Financial Solutions, we offer you that advantage!

Many of our resellers have had great success adding CFS to their repertoire, as it helps open doors.

Bruce Ingber, Account Executive with Associated Dealer Services, based in Detroit, MI, has been particularly successful as a reseller, and has to date signed over 60 accounts with us. According to Bruce, CFS, “…is a no-brainer for my accounts. It has a low price point with a high return. CFS has proven to generate more business in the service department in conjunction with a higher dollar amount on the RO’s. I have also found CFS to be a great door opener when calling on new accounts.”

We are a consumer finance company that offers auto repair financing to service centers and their customers. Service centers can immediately overcome any objections regarding lack of funds and as a result close more deals, deliver more services, boost RO amounts and at the same time relieve any financial pressure the customer may have. We help keep more vehicles up on the lift and enable service centers to sell more product, complete larger repairs and service customers who would otherwise decline the recommendations.

At CFS we believe in creating mutually beneficial relationships and have partnered with numerous companies in the automotive industry to enhance their product offerings. Through the use of financial technology, our service financing solution is designed to perfectly complement other industry partners including payment processing systems, extended warranty contractors, parts distributors and much more.

Regardless of which product or company you may happen to represent as a reseller, CFS is the perfect complement to any product in the automotive industry, opening the doors to additional opportunities and creating more business. It works extremely well with F&I products, auto parts distributors, shop supply companies, extended warranty contractors, and shop software system providers.

Some highlights of our reseller program include:

  • Generous residuals and bonuses paid every month
  • In-depth training on product in-field or remotely
  • Assistance with all aspects of sales onboarding process
  • Professionally designed, co-branded marketing materials
  • Access to complete, proprietary sales management tool
  • Dedicated account executive with outstanding support

We are a strong, fast growing company, have enjoyed a 378% growth in the number of service centers using our financing program in the first quarter of 2016, versus 2015, and are continuing this steady increase.


For more information on how you can partner with CFS, contact David Koifman, Director of Sales & Partner Operations, via email at:, or call: 720.836.1129